If you wouldn't put sugar on your steak why would you put it on your jerky?

Biltong is a healthier, more delicious alternative to beef jerky.

The difference?

Beef jerky is cooked with sugar and other additives.

Biltong is air dried and made with all natural ingredients: salt, pepper, coriander, and vinegar.


why it's better for you

  • 0g sugar

    Unlike beef jerky, biltong is made without any sugar, meaning it's a cleaner, healthier protein snack.

    It's also GMO and Gluten free.

  • 45g protein

    Biltong is more protein packed than your average beef jerky. It includes 30% more protein per oz!

  • Incredible taste

    Because it's seasoned like steak, it tastes like steak. If you've been eating jerky you won't believe the way biltong tastes.

More Americans are converting to biltong

Want to find out why?

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What's the difference between biltong and beef jerky?