Chili Bites

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Our chili bites will remind you of peri peri prawns on the braai, road trips through the free state and all the flavours of South Africa.

With every stick you get a juicy bite of beef, paprika, coriander, peri peri chilies and a blend of secret spices that take it over the finish line.

When you need to show off to your friends here in the USA, show them chilibites.

Show them how we do it. That good taste doesn't need MSG, sugar and preservatives that we wouldn't trust to give to our own kids.

We believe the humble chili bite is our answer as South Africans, to how we can add a little flavor and a better way right here in the USA.

We think you deserve to have fantastic biltong wether you are in New York, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle or Potchefstroom.

Melt away your homesick blues, try our chili bites.

Ingredients: Beef, salt, coriander, black pepper, spices, vinegar